Allure / Fascination Judo

7. May 2015


When I was a child I was not always working to full capacity (sometimes it still happens today) and for this reason my parents decided that I have to use my leisure time wisely. Quickly I started with the general physical education for kids in Taucha whereupon my family recognized fast that it wasn’t still enough.

Well, we had to find another alternative.
No sooner said than done. Soon, my grandfather took me to the wrestler-center in Taucha, but I wasn’t that muss impressed (Anyway, sometimes I accommodated and fought in the regional league for KFC Leipzig). But I still missed one thing….
Then, I had the answer. The judoka with their white suits got my full level of attention. I was completely fascinated by their appearance and their presence; obviously I finally found my sport!

Appreciation for each other, respect, honour, blood, sweat, courage, emotions both after a victory as well after a defeat – those are things I am accompanied since I was 5 years old and I am still impressed by those things today!

“Judo is my passion – and I do not want to miss it at any time!”

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