Back to the roots

7. May 2015


2013 – I’ve finished my training as a physiotherapeut in october and then there was the final for the first national judo division in Großhadern. I fought one weight category above my normal one against the past worldchampion Georgii Zantaraia. If this really happened during this fight, nobody can tell me exactly. But on the 4th november 2013, i layed in the hospital, with a ‘spontaneous pneumothorat’ (with a collapsed right lung).

The most crazy thing about this fact was that I had no limitation at all, even my arterial oxygen saturation was about 99%, what the doctors wondered.

Anyways, if you are forced to stay in bed for a long time, you have to a lot of time for cogitation.

Six month ago, my doctor told me that there is a risk for relapse, but this fact shouldn’t stop me in my projects! I wanted to show everyone that you can get up again and look forward after a rock bottom.The dream about olympia was born…

I already knew that it will be really hard to re-entry in the german judo national team.,I remembered me of the origin of my father.My goal was certain since this moment – The Olympic Games 2016 for Palestine!

Without further ado everything nesseccaries has been done until finally announced the embassy in Berlin and sent me all of my documents in july 2014.

Since this moment it’s all about : HAJIME!

(Conclusion: I would always make the same decision again!)

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