Judo history was written

25. May 2015


The first victory – that was music in my ears. The announcer (Luis Gonzalo Torres) was so excited about my victory that he even devoted his announcement to my success and contacted me directly on facebook – since this event we are in close contact. And all of this even happened although the Grand Prix was ill-fated!

The preperation for this tournament was already difficult, because I was acutally not allowed to do any sports for 10 days! Neverthless, we set out for Düsseldorf.

My long lasting faithful companion – Patrick Lange – accompanied me for the first time as my coach at a tournament. On this way, we were supported among others by Radko Zoller (Dresden Monarchs / Ex-National Player and European Champion). He lent me his car, which was previously specially printed with my logo, that is still on. Robert Sommer (DD MNRX) treated donated a 50,-Euro voucher for refuelling.

For this support I was and I am still very grateful!

Once arrived in Düsseldorf, it already turned that a victory could be possible out after the draw. With the local support of my family, my girlfriend and friends, I really wanted to win this fight! The first fight was against Yann Siccardi, against whom I was able to fight fort he full time, winning and thus moving into the next round.

Judo history was written – for the first time a judoka, starting for Palestine, won a fight at a Grand Prix!

This sensation was luckily documented by Andre Berthold, who travelled to Düsseldorf on behalf of the MDR ( German TV).

Fort he second fight Won Jin Ki ( WLR #7 – the third place of the World Cup/Rio2013/Grand Slam winner of Tokyo 2014) from Korea was waiting for me – imaginably a difficult task.

Unfortuantely I lost against the eventual winner of the silver medal! As it turned out turing the tournament, I nevertheless was able to find myself has his best opponent compared to his other fights! The tournament gave me a lot of boost brought me a bit closer to my destination – Rio! Many thanks to all who were there and to those who have supported me from anywhere else! You guys are really crazy!

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