The journey is the reward?

7. May 2015


Infects from the idea in 2016 to travel to Rio, in order to be at the Olympic Games,I had no idea, what would actually come on me. With the knowledge that Judo unfortunately still was regarded as fringe sport, I set out highly motivated on the funding issue.

This is more difficult than thought until now. Which sponsor support an athlete who did not even go to the mat for their own country?

Nevertheless, there are some crazy people who support me – primarily my family, my girlfriend and friends who unfortunately came too short in the last few months!

Since 5 January 2015, the challenge was even greater, because I left my agency overnight.

All the strength and energy, that I need on the mat, I put in my transition and the acquiring of sponsors.I need to be more present , to increase my awareness and show people with who I am and especially where I want to go. A balancing act of a lifetime, as I discovered.Especially since I also still in eduaction, work, family, girlfriend, friends, everything needs to get under one roof, without losing sight of the real goal of the eyes – Rio!

To catch up to the world’s best back, is also such a point, but how should I manage it, with the permanent financial problems in my head !?

Since early April, now I structure me new, that means, there is a new team around me. I am grateful to me now as many tasks as possible to be removed, so I can fully to focused on the sport again! It is supposed to be fun, because even came too short in recent months.

My greatest rock(?) on this exhausting journey is and remains the family, my girlfriend and friends. Without their support and backing my dream would be to go to Rio, already faded away.

It’s still a hard path. But no matter how it comes to an end, I can still say that I tried with all my strength, volition and me all available funds!

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