Finally home


21:00: Finally home. First things first: a hug form y girlfriend. Then I am ready I eat something small. I relax and recover on the couch. In spite of everything I may not forget to make phone calls concerning organizational issues.

On the, as I call them, long days (Monday / Tuesday / Thursday), I am always home at about 9p.m. Wednesdays I work from 2-7pm at the physiotherapy, so I can only do one training session. If nothing is coming up for the weekend, I spend the free time to be with my girlfriend’s parents or my family – usually for at least 4-5 hours. The men round every Sunday, „Sunday Dinner“ as we like to call it, has become a weekly ritual – starting 19:30 someone else cooks each week and we eat together. Then it is 20:15. The time to watch the german cult series „Tatort“.

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