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Judo history was written

The first victory – that was music in my ears. The announcer (Luis Gonzalo Torres) was so excited about my victory that he even devoted his announcement to my success and contacted me directly on facebook – since this event we are in close contact. And all of this even happened although the Grand Prix […]

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Back to the roots

2013 – I’ve finished my training as a physiotherapeut in october and then there was the final for the first national judo division in Großhadern. I fought one weight category above my normal one against the past worldchampion Georgii Zantaraia. If this really happened during this fight, nobody can tell me exactly. But on the […]

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The journey is the reward?

Infects from the idea in 2016 to travel to Rio, in order to be at the Olympic Games,I had no idea, what would actually come on me. With the knowledge that Judo unfortunately still was regarded as fringe sport, I set out highly motivated on the funding issue. This is more difficult than thought until […]

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Allure / Fascination Judo

When I was a child I was not always working to full capacity (sometimes it still happens today) and for this reason my parents decided that I have to use my leisure time wisely. Quickly I started with the general physical education for kids in Taucha whereupon my family recognized fast that it wasn’t still […]

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My Vocation

After doing my abitur (graduation), which I’ve passed in 2009 in the Sportgymnasium. I took a so-called Sports-Year. Now this year passed faster than I thought and I quickly had to get another plan. Unfortunately , I didn’t got the admission for medical studies in my requierements Leipzig. Since I wanted to continue, but the […]

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